Thematic dinner for the closure of the exhibition “Just being there. Somewhere in Teksas-land” 8th May

"To say goodbye to the exhibition “Just being there. Somewhere in Teksas-Land” Openhouse Project will organize a thematic dinner with Gerda Kochanska & Luca Tronci, curators of this project, on Thursday the 8th of May, so that we can enjoy the work taken by the uncle of Gerda in Poland in the 1970′s. As a special treat to close the exhibition we will project onto the wall the original slides, that show how was his family, discovering images by Reutt that we haven’t seen in the exhibition, that give a wider vision to the work.

Gerda will give us a guided tour of the exhibition and we will sit down to dinner of japanese food at the hand of the Chef of the house, Nobu Kawagoe, and Ana Schulz will guide us in the conversation and Marta Dahó will be our special guest.

If you would like to join us, please write to us to confirm your place (limited to 12 people). We are looking forward to hearing from you!Openhouse Project

Jan Reutt's photographs in Openhouse Project exhibition #4

Openhouse Project exhibition #4 

4 Diciembre / 28 Febrero 2014

Fontanella 16